German Insurance Association (GDV)

The Berlin-based German Insurance Association (GDV) is the umbrella organisation for private insurers in Germany. Its 457 member companies, with about 226.000 employees and trainees, offer comprehensive coverage and provisions to private households, trade, industry and public institutions, trough more than 400 million insurance contracts. As a risk taker and major investor (with an investment portfolio of about 1.100 billion EUR), the insurance industry has outstanding significance in connection with investments, growth and employment in our economy.

GDV articulates and represents the positions of the German insurance industry before society, politicians, businesses, the media and academia, working to achieve regulatory conditions which will allow insurers to perform their responsibilities in optimal fashion. At the same time, the Association is a source of expert information about all matters relating to the insurance industry, making available its wealth of experience and information to the public. GDV informs and supports its member companies as a service provider, identifies political and social developments of relevance for the sector and proposes solutions.