German Shipowners' Association (VDR)

The German Shipowners' Association (VDR) represents the common economic and socio-political interests of Gemany’s shipping companies at the federal and federal state level.

In addition, it acts on behalf of Germany’s shipowners in matters regarding European and international authorities. Representation is either conducted directly or via international organisations with which the Association of German Shipowners is affiliated.

Furthermore, in order to maintain the diversity of interests an extensive internal communication network is required. The scope of political action and the necessary consensus on the association’s policies are defined and reached through a regular dialogue within specifically formed commissions of the association, the executive board and its steering committee.

Moreover, the association advises its members on numerous issues. Legal protection in labour and social law, as well as legal representation in these matters is part of the advisory service.

On behalf of those members who have joined the tariff community of the German Shipowners' Association the latter concludes labour agreements with labour unions of Germany’s navigators.

The German Shipowners' Association represents the interests of corporate shipping dealing with federal, federal state, and municipal policies and administration as well as in relations with umbrella organizations of other industrial sectors, labour unions and the public.

By doing so it pursues the following goals:

  • To strengthen corporate interests at the political level
  • To promote a competitive environment
  • To make social market economy a success within the merchant shipping sector
  • To advance a German-flagged merchant marine
  • To maintain and improve the competitive position of the German shipping companies
  • To provide and secure new future-oriented jobs
  • To maintain and improve an effective training system
  • To further the cooperation between research and praxis
  • To advocate an efficient and cost-oriented welfare system
  • To advance maritime and environmental security at the international level
  • To preserve corporate freedom of action on the world market
  • To clarify the shipping companies‘social responsibility.